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About Self Honeymoon

Self Honeymoon started as an online community of women with a shared affinity for going into the details of refinement to master inner, outer and lifestyle confidence. In our online magazine, we feature women looking to clarify and define their goals, strengthen their growth mentality and improve their confidence. We believe that your story doesn't have to be finished for it to inspire others and help change their lives.

Everywhere you go, you take yourself, so why not familiarize yourself with all that you can be?

We are currently located in Los Angeles, CA. We provide our audience with inspiration by offering physical products and digital experiences developed by applying credible practices and sharing thought-provoking lifestyle stories from our community enabling women to rediscover the beauty of reinventing one's psyche to pursue a more independent, resilient and fulfilled life.

We are experiencing a huge movement away from superficial and passive products, and towards multipurpose products that encourage and contribute to creating a better lifestyle that promotes their wellbeing.

 Self Honeymoon encourages women to avoid being attracted to escapism as a means of self-care and short-lived experiences for validation. Unlike just having a routine, establishing and nourishing rituals in your day-to-day life, it helps you to assign meaning to them. Rituals, as we have seen, are always evolving as people educate themselves and discover new and exciting ways to better understand themselves, specifically their thoughts and actions.

 Self Honeymoon promotes products that encourage you to improve your life through your daily decisions and daily rituals, so that you, as a consumer are more informed and thoughtful about how your day-to-day actions and experiences can influence your well-being.

Please email me at oshea@selfhoneymoon.com