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One of the most crucial aspects of our lives is getting better sleep at night. How many times have you fallen asleep too late to the blue light from your phone screen or enjoyed a late-night snack that makes you toss and turn all night long?

It may seem like such a small thing to fix, but proper sleep hygiene can transform your energy levels, mental focus, and physical well-being. This isn’t just shutting your eyes at the same time every night. This is creating habits and an environment where sleep is protected like a sacred ritual ensuring your success the next day.

Every single one of us can get quality sleep if we take only a few steps.


What is Sleep Hygiene?

Most adults need anywhere from 7-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night to feel refreshed in the morning. While some of us can operate on a full tank without needing that much sleep, this is usually because of genetic factors or some previous environmental circumstances.

Sleep hygiene is the habits, behaviors, and environmental factors we surround ourselves with every night before bed. They are the unconscious things we do daily that directly affect the quality of our sleep.


What Happens if I Don’t Get Enough Sleep?

Lack of better sleep changes your mental abilities. It leads to problems that can cause severe issues in your life, like a lack of alertness for the world around you or excessive sleepiness during meetings. You could be sitting at your desk on a Zoom call one moment and drifting off to dreamworld the next because you only got a few Zs after binging the latest Netflix craze. 

We need sleep to improve our success in life. Without it, we do not participate in those everyday activities necessary to reaching our goals. If you are too tired, you will miss out on crucial information from your partner when you talk, hitting the gym to keep up your health, and even start to forget details because your brain has too much mental fog preventing your memory skills.


How to Improve Sleep Hygiene

Better sleep is all about setting the stage and maintaining the habits that encourage a restful experience. How do you do this?

1 - Feng Shui

Start by using the philosophy of Feng Shui in your bedroom environment. This creates a healing and nurturing space that promotes better sleep and relaxation. It is also a great way to set the stage for a calm place after a stressful day and an inviting room for improved relationship activities.

Place your bed against a wall, not under a window. Use a solid headboard and unplug everything from around your bed. Ditch the TVs, laptops, computers, games, and mobile devices from your bedroom to charge somewhere else. Your bedroom should just be for sleeping and sex. Not for work, eating, or streaming movies.

Simplify your bedroom and get rid of anything cluttering up the space around your bed. Make it a place where you walk into the room and immediately feel the mood change to relaxation and peace so you can rest completely.

2 - Prioritize Sleep

Have fixed wake-up and fall asleep times. Schedule your day so you are consistently hitting the bedroom at the same time. This way, your body knows naturally when to begin sleep mode instead of falling into your bed from exhaustion.

Create a nightly routine like turning off lights in unused rooms, brushing your teeth, putting on pajamas, and setting out the next day's clothing. This reinforces to your mind that you are preparing to wind down for the night.

An excellent way to start this is by dimming your lights about 30 minutes before you fall asleep. It is like a mental cue of what is about to happen that can trigger the chemicals in your body that prepare you for sleep.

3 - Improve Your Daily Habits

Sleep hygiene is all about supporting your natural circadian rhythm. A great way to do this is to improve your healthy habits during your day. Get in some sunlight exposure and physical activity to help you sleep at night.

You also should consider avoiding caffeine, as it can cause rough sleep habits. Caffeine is a big cause of sleep problems. It is a stimulant and should be cut out of your afternoon and evening activities, otherwise, you will be too wired to sleep.


Try to limit your evening meals as well. Eating too close to bedtime can cause digestive issues that make you toss and turn throughout the night. Better to stick to a larger lunch or middle of the day meal and then a lighter evening dish.

4 - Boost Your Comfort

Now for the fun part, go out and splurge a little on the pillows, bedding, and blankets that make you feel comfortable. Better sleep is essential to your ability to tackle the challenges of the day. If there is anything you should spend a little more on for yourself, it is high-quality sheets with a decent thread count and pillows that support your body the whole night through.

Sleep Hygiene is About You

Remember, what works for one person may not be the same for you. We are all unique creatures, and your specific sleep hygiene may vary from others. Find those habits and accessories that help you get a good night’s sleep, and you will see real change in your abilities during your wakeful hours. 

Success in life is all about having the energy and focus on reaching your personal goals. Those attributes require a fully charged battery. Otherwise, you will walk through life like a zombie about to crash. Set the stage with Feng Shui, boost your evening habits, and get the sleep you need to be the phenomenal human being you were always meant to be.



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May 13, 2022

I never realized how many factors contribute to sleeping well but the last 2 years have been brutal for me so I hope to incorporate some new techniques to improve my sleep quality

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