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Self Dating Series: 30 Self Honeymoon Date Ideas


Ever find yourself spending hours planning your next date? Ever started getting ready for your date the day before? Now, when’s the last time that you dedicated that much time and energy getting excited about spending time with yourself? It is too often that we give so much of our energy to other people, expecting them to make us happy. If you’re like most women, you’ve likely spent a pretty decent amount of time getting to know everything about your ex. Now, when they are no longer a factor, how much do you remember about yourself ? Are you as acutely aware of what your short and long-term goals are? What makes you happy? What are your short-comings? Have you accepted those as quickly as you’ve accepted his?

Leveling up is not about finding a better man. It’s about being a better you. Start by looking inward, and loving yourself first. Here are some of my favorite ways that you can spend time with yourself:

  1. watch your favorite TV series or movie + dedicate an entire day to it

  2. spend an afternoon in the park with yourself (I love people watching)

  3. take yourself to your favorite restaurant + order whatever you want—it helps if you get to know the owner ;)

  4. go to the mall, visit your favorite stores + shop (or just try on clothes)

  5. download a meditation app + practice with guided insight meditation

  6. go to your favorite spa + spend several hours relaxing—it helps if you can encourage someone else to pay ;)

  7. dedicate a whole day to taking amazing photos of yourself

  8. redecorate your living space

  9. cook yourself a really nice meal + have fun doing it

  10. take a dance class

  11. head to the museum

  12. take a cooking class

  13. take a relaxing self-love bath with candles, bath salts + honor your body

  14. watch an inspirational documentary + converse with yourself about your thoughts

  15. take photos of nature + don’t be afraid to get close to the insects

  16. visit the grocery store + go down every aisle looking for ingredients to put something nice together

  17. create a playlist of your favorite songs + play it on repeat all day

  18. go to the gym + set a simple goal for yourself

  19. write yourself a love letter

  20. sit on the shore of the ocean, river, or lake—listen + let your mind be free

  21. spend quality time with your pet

  22. attend a gala or charity event

  23. go to an open mic, comedy show, improv event, etc.

  24. create a list of movies that you have been wanting to watch + books that you’ve wanted to read

  25. take your camera or phone and go on a photo adventure

  26. go through your camera roll + organize your memories

  27. teach yourself something new (a recipe, a language, a skill, etc.)

  28. go to the movies

  29. have a DIY spa day

  30. go out and ride your bike

I could go on and on, as these are just some of the things that I love. I guarantee you will find something that will bring you joy. Whether you’re interested in just spending more time with yourself, your date was canceled, or you’re jus bored, try one of these activities.

Which one would you love to do most?


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